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American Apparel Under Fire Yet Again For “Overtly Sexual” Ads


never learn their lesson. Despite constantly coming under fire by the , the high street retailer continues to churn out risque campaigns. Its latest digital ads are the latest to get people talking and have been deemed “Irresponsible” by the advertising watchdog.

And it’s no surprise. The campaigns show models, who appear to be under 16, sporting sexed up leggings in “overtly sexual” poses, while others have the model’s pubes and breasts on, which won’t surprise many that have followed the company over the years.

The retailer has since spoke out against the criticism saying that are “completely decent and were a fair representation of their product line,” something which the disagrees with. “We considered both poses were sexually provocative and concluded that the images were irresponsible and likely to cause widespread offense, because they were displayed on a website which could be viewed by, and was likely to have appeal to, children under 16 years of age.”

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