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A Tinted Moisturiser Might Just Be What You’re After


I can completely understand why some people wouldn’t give tinted moisturisers.  After all, they don’t give you the same coverage as a foundation and they are not as rich as your average day moisturiser but don’t write them off altogether.

A few months ago I would have been inclined to agree with the critics but that was before I was introduced to Laura Mercier’s illuminating tinted moisturiser. The product, which comes with an SPF factor 20, leaves your skin feeling dewy and the light coverage prevents it from looking caked and feeling heavy. But that doesn’t mean than you need to keep applying it throughout the day. When applied on top of my normal day cream, it lasted the whole day and felt like the perfect way to give my skin a break after the intense party season.

If you’re worried about coverage, all you need to do is add a lightweight concealer on top to cover any blemishes and you’re good to go. At only £33, it’s quickly become the favourite piece in my make-up bag. Nars, MAC and Bobbi Brown also have some great ones that come in a selection of different shades.

Are you a fan of tinted moisturisers?


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