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Four Books To Get Stuck In To


As a writer, my greatest pastime is losing myself in the words of others. Being a blogger, much of my reading is done online but this year I vowed to shake things up. One of my many New Year’s resolutions for 2014 is to commit to reading at least one book per month. It’s become my ritual travelling to and from work much to the frustration of my mother who persists to think that travel time should be dedicated to bonding sessions on the phone.

One of the first books I read at the start of the year was ’s book, ‘Man Repeller: Finding Love. Seeking Overalls.’ I’m not quite sure what I was expecting when I bought it but it exceeded my expectations. Once you get through the first few chapters, which dwell a bit too much on the impact fashion played on her early life, the book is  compelling.

She talks candidly about the ups and downs she experienced with her first love now husband Abie Cohen and writes in a relatable way about life as a twenty something year old experiencing new things in work, life and love in the city. Sometimes I find the writing on her blog hard to read. It often feels like a stream of consciousness, which isn’t always easy to follow but there’s none of that with the book.

What I loved even more about the it was that she didn’t simply use it as a way to plug her blog. Instead, it’s there subtly in the background. In fact, the only time she makes a point to discuss it is in relation to her decision to write a post announcing (and explaining) her engagement. So if you’re expecting a tell all about how she became the success that she is, you’ll be disappointed.

Aside from that, though, the majority of the books I’ve been drawn to of late aren’t fashion related at all. I spent the first few weeks of the year laughing profusely reading Mindy Kaling’s ‘Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (And Other Concerns)’, followed by even more laugh out loud moments deeply engrossed in ’s ‘.’ Aside from being incredibly funny, I found both such a refreshing break from the type of books targeted at women today.

Take Kaling for example. Her book, which is part memoir, half a series of essays, touches on everything from her experiences in the industry not being conforming to a size 0 to her inability to understand the allure of one-night stands but all in lighthearted and witty way. And besides, her main movie references are Pretty Woman and Bridget Jones’s Diary and she an unhealthy obsession with romantic comedies so based on that alone she’s already my kind of gal.

Every so often I think it’s important to read books that will stretch and challenge you and that’s what drew to the much-debated by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. A somewhat feminist tome, Sandberg’s book encourages women to sit at the table rather than sitting back and coasting along. She advocates being bold and taking risks and not allowing institutional prejudices and our own insecurities from holding us back from achieving our goals.

With its focus on encouraging women to push forward in the workplace, the book has been met with a lot of criticism, most of which I completely disagree with, but that aside there’s definitely something to be said for advocating people to take advantage of life’s opportunities and, well, lean in.

I’m quickly approaching the end of it so now so over to you. What books have you read recently that you would recommend?


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