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Travel Must-Have: Dr Jackson’s No 3 Face Oil


The past six months has seen me on an aeroplane at least a month, many of which have been long haul flights seeing me sitting on a plane for more than 9 hours. And as much as I love travelling, nothing works against your skin quite like flying. It sucks all of the dewiness out of skin, reversing the benefits of even the most stringent routine.

But fear not, for I have found a solution to all of our problems and it’s by Dr Jackson. Heralded as one of the industry’s leading pharmacognoist, Jackson recently launched 03 Face Oil, which has quickly become my go-to product for travelling. He’s known for using completely natural products and the 03 Face Oil is bursting with oils with healing and nourishing qualities, perfect for keeping your skin hydrated.

It comes with marula oil, which is commonly used in Southern Africa where it is found, known for its deep penetrating moisturising properties, along with baobab, which helps to alleviate dry and damaged skin and improves skin tone and elasticity.

, £30 for 25ml, Harvey Nichols


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