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Jimmy Choo Heading For An IPO


J Crew and Versace are just a few of the big fashion brands toying with the idea of raising an IPO and by the sounds of it Jimmy Choo has the same idea.

According to recent reports, Labelux, the luxury fashion conglomerate that bought the luxury footwear company for an estimated $850 million in 2011, is thinking of selling it or listing a minority stake in the company. It’s all part of a bit to raise money to support a push in new markets, particularly Asia, and also to help fund the expansion of its product categories, which currently includes shoes, bag and accessories.

There’s definitely a reason that brand’s are increasingly considering it. Michael Kors is one of the starkest examples of what happens when a company opts for a public listing at the right time. Approaching it in the way they are planning to will allow them to raise the necessary cash while maintaining control.


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