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Karolina Kurkova And Coco Rocha Join Naomi Campbell On ‘The Face’

For the longest time Tyra Banks has dominated the modelling reality show scene but it seems like that’s about to change as we prepare for new rival show, The Face, to drop.

Despite the fact that Naomi Campbell has been enlisted to front the show, the response to the news was lukewarm and it’s not difficult to understand why. America’s Next Top Model’s viewing numbers continue to flail behind the huge numbers that it used to draw in, suggesting that we’re all over that show format. For The Face, then, it was important for them to introduce something new in order to get us watching and that’s exactly what they’ve done.

Last week bosses announced that Karolina Kurkova and Coco Rocha have both signed on to join Naomi Campbell on the judging panel. Rather than simply judging the girls photographs at the end of each challenge, each judge will be given their own group of models to mentor and guide through the various challenges and projects throughout the course of the show.

‘As the youngest mentor of the three, I have looked up to Naomi and Karolina my entire career and am ecstatic to be able to work side by side with them on this amazing new project,’ Rocha wrote on her blog. ‘As mentors to the girls, we hope to impart valuable lessons and skills that will help them through their challenges, giving them an accurate idea of what it takes to have a career as a model and be the face of a brand.’

The mentoring scheme is a good idea and is probably the type of shake-up that ANTM needs rather than the social media element that Banks has added for the latest season. One of my biggest bug bares with the international versions of ANTM is the use of judges that haven’t really earned their stripes yet (think Whitney Port on Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model) and that’s one thing you can’t say of Rocha and Kurkova. Both have had hugely successful careers so if there’s was ever two people qualified to give advice, it’s them.

Will you tune in?


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