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Marc Jacobs Is The Latest To Support Mature Women In Campaigns

It’s all about women in the sixties right now in campaigns. American Apparel recently booked 62 year-old Jacky O’Shaughnessy to star in it’s underwear campaign; 68 year-old Charlotte Rampling is the new face of Nars and if you cast your mind back to this time last year you’ll remember that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen used a 65 year-old to model their autumn/winter collection.

Never one to stay behind, Marc Jacobs has jumped on the bandwagon by naming actress as the new face of . The 64 year-old, who provided the spoken-word music for the label’s recent show, will star in the ads for the Jacobs’ recently launched line shot by David Sims, who also lensed Jacobs’ mainline campaign after Juergen Teller refused to photograph Miley Cyrus.

His decision to follow is a big deal. Any diversification of the types of women we see in advertising should be applauded but more importantly, it cements the fact the presence of older women in advertising  is more than just as passing trend. The upcoming ads are the first every campaign images for Marc Jacobs Beauty so he wouldn’t take a risk if he didn’t really believe in it and hopefully, having such a strong message coming from such an influential luxury brand will make others feel confident to follow .


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