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Nicholas Ghesquière Will Continue Making Money For Balenciaga

It’s been nearly a week since Nicholas Ghesquière‘s shock departure from Balenciaga. Naturally, the big question on everyone’s mind right now is why and what will he do next, but equally, a lot of attention is now being paid on how his departure will affect the brand financially, particularly with its pieces.

The answer to the question seems simple: it’s set to increase and in a major way. While many have said that vintage always commands high prices, vintage dealers are predicting that Ghesquière’s designs will be particularly sought after. “When I first read about the news, I sent something out to the entire team about it saying, ‘Let’s get more and more ,” of the much-loved Decades vintage boutique, told Fashionista.

Am I surprised? Well, no. What will be interesting, though, is to see how the brand fairs financially moving forward without the man with the midas touch. Only time will tell…



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