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Phoebe Philo Wants The Céline Woman To Be Comfortable


This season has been an interesting one. After following Phoebe Philo’s minimalist lead many designers ditched that paired back aesthetic for something more flamboyant but have all come back to it this season. But while they’ve gone back a few steps, Phoebe Philo is driving full steam ahead at Céline.

Since joining the label she’s carved out such a clear brand identity but always manages to introduce something new and unexpected. This season she played with constriction. Many of the dresses came with a shrug-like fabric that sat on from the shoulders down to the elbow, restricting movement on top and one dress in particular had tied sleeves constructed into the front that hugged the body.

But that doesn’t mean that she’s completely abandoned the emphasis on comfort that she introduced for spring. Instead it all felt a bit more polished and grown up and was explored with fabrications, which were all incredibly tactile and the looked the closest thing you could get to walking around with your duvet. Knits looked equally as comfortable and often came in oversized styles that helped balance out the most constricted looks and were teamed with elegant bouncy skirts, ideal for the modern working woman on the go.


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