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Raf Simons Subtly Criticises John Galliano’s Aesthetic, Again


Remember last month when Raf Simons told Lisa Armstrong that ‘s design aesthetic “isn’t relevant” anymore? Well, as you would expect, the comment got people curious about what else he thinks about his predecessor.

The topic came up in an interview with Alexandra Shulman for British Vogue’s January issue, in which he went as far as to argue that Christian Dior probably wouldn’t have been a fan of Galliano’s style. “[Christian] ’s ultimate obsession is that he wanted [the public] to wear it. I want them to wear it on the street,” he told the editor. “If it doesn’t relate to the outside, then it would be very theatrical for me.” The comment seems to follow on from the Vogue Australia interview, in which he explained that he feels it important to allow women to feel free and not restricted by their clothes.

But the British Vogue interview doesn’t just focus on Galliano. The designer also spoke about his plans for Dior, particularly in relation to building its signature codes. “The Chanel woman? I don’t even need to see, I smell her from round the corner, but I don’t recognise the Dior woman,” he told the magazine. “I want to work on that fast. Chanel has the deux-pièces with the pockets, or the bouclé, but what is it for Dior nowadays? I can’t say.”

The January issue of British Vogue is out now.




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