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Rihanna For River Island Round Three Is Here


Not to be beaten by all of the negative criticism for her design debut, Rihanna is back for the third time with yet another collection for River Island.

This collection seems to tap into the penchant for camouflage at the moment and the love of basketball inspired tops and bomber jackets that continue to do the rounds. Sadly though, as much as I try to like it, the collection has the same problem the other two collections had. It might look good on the models in the ads but the moment you look at the pieces individually, it all looks on the cheap side. In a way, it’s as though the campaign makes it look a lot more luxury than it is, which works again the collection because it makes you disappointed about just how bad the quality is.

And sadly, while the piece work for , they just look crass on the average person, which is disappointing because it shows that she hasn’t listened to the criticism she received for her debut.


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